Florida Truck Accidents

Florida Truck Accidents


Required Medical Treatment, Adequate Coverage, and Experienced Lawyers

Required, and related medical treatment and procedures, and time off work generally increase the value of your case. But just because you need extensive surgery, does not mean an insurance company is going to properly compensate you for your injuries. But that’s not the only reason victims are not fully compensated.

Unfortunately many claimants with very serious injuries are not able to collect the full value of compensation the are due, because insufficient insurance coverage. Not everyone has adequate insurance to cover the injuries they have caused.

Finally, inexperienced lawyers also leave money on the table. Their personal interest may drive the need for a quick settlement or they don’t know how to extract that value from presenting your case to a jury. In either case, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than justice demands!

An experienced and ethical attorney will only promise to work their hardest to get you the best settlement or verdict possible.I have helped thousands of clients get there best results. I can help you too. Contact me with any questions you may have. The call is always Free.  

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