This Florida Car Accident Was Not My Fault. Do I need a lawyer? 

A car wreck in Florida is a lot more common here than in other states. Picture this: It’s a nice, sunny day. You are waiting at a red light. You hear the screech of tires, time seems to slow, you hear a collision, glass shatters, and suddenly you smash forward into the intersection into on-coming traffic.

What happened? What do you do? You are now the victim of a car accident. It’s obvious that this wreck was not your fault. But don’t think the at-fault driver’s insurance company will willingly, adequately compensate you for your injuries! In fact, don’t count on your own insurance carrier to adequately compensate you on your uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) coverage, if you have it.

I Pay My Insurance. They Will Help Me, Right?

You might think that this case is cut-and-dry: You were at a red light, the other driver hit you. You were severely injured! The at-fault driver and their insurance company should pay! In a perfect world, yes. More times than not, this is not the case with Florida Car accidents. 

If all the insurance companies did the right thing, and adequately compensated injury victims, then I wouldn’t have a job as a personal injury lawyer in Florida!

It might sound odd, but I have a personal experience dealing with this exact issue, which led me to representing injured clients in car wrecks in Florida. Years ago, I was personally involved in a severe car accident very similar to the facts I shared above. A negligent driver rear-ended me at a red light. She was uninsured, she had no driver’s license (suspended for failing to pay traffic citations and child support), and no proper registration for the vehicle. She was smoking, texting, and not paying attention.

Florida Car Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

As a result of the accident, my doctor ordered me to undergo many painful medical treatments and procedures to help with the nerve damage in my arm and neck. At that time, I didn’t understand PIP, or insurance payments, and I thought all car wrecks in Florida were routine. I also thought I had a great insurance company that would take care of me. But when it came time to resolve my case, my own insurance company refused to pay for my medical bills.

No one leaves the house in the morning preparing to be the victim of a car accident. But car wrecks in Florida are common. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) estimates that there were 403,626 car accidents with 255,353 injuries in Florida in 2018!   

It’s Time for a Change

At that time, I focused my practice on general civil litigation and criminal defense. But even as a Florida trial attorney, I had to hire my own personal injury lawyer in Florida to represent me in my car accident. I was fighting against my own insurance company! I was shocked that my insurance company, a company I paid every single month for years on end, suddenly left me stranded, injured, confused, and in pain without help. They refused to help because they put their profits before people. And in this case, “people” was me.

It was at that moment that I shifted the focus of my practice to fighting for the injured against the corporate greed of insurance companies. The same companies that put profits before the wellbeing of their insureds. 

Clearly, if an insurance company would try to take advantage of a trial lawyer, it was safe to assume they would try to do the same, or worse, to folks that don’t have the knowledge or ability to take them to trial–and win!

Jury Trials Get Victims Justly Compensated!

Fast forward to many favorable jury verdicts and settlements later, and you have Personal Injury | Personal Service.

I have personally sat through countless depositions over the last 12 years where insurance company defense lawyers try to blame my clients for properly sitting at a red lights when negligent drivers cause rear-end accidents throughout Florida. Really? Almost daily. I shut them down, quick!

So, let’s get back to your accident.

Injured, Confused, Not Sure What to Do. I’ve Been There. I Can Help You!

I’ve been there. And I can help you! I can ensure that you are getting access to all of the benefits that you are entitled (e.g. PIP, Bodily Injury, UM).

And unlike some other personal injury firms, I will even assist you with setting up recovery on your property damage! This is a complimentary service that I handle for you without a charge. Why? Because you have enough to worry about after a serious car accident. Trying to get a rental car or get your car repaired is another point of stress that you don’t need.

Beyond the property damage, I will personally handle your case from start to finish. This allows you to focus on getting healthy. Whether by attending physical therapy, a doctor ordered program, or other treatment. I will take care of the rest for you.

Free Consultation and No Fee Unless I Recover Money for You!

Call me for a FREE CONSULTATION if you are hurt in an accident. I only charge you if I recover money for you.