Being arrested for a crime is only the beginning. Get help defending yourself against the charges against you by reaching out to a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Bradenton. 

No matter what crime you have been arrested and charged with, your life is likely to suffer some consequences, whether legally, professionally, or personally. But you can minimize the legal impact of the crimes against you by building a powerful defense that either makes the state drop or amend or your charges, or makes the jury see that they have no choice but to deliver a “not guilty” verdict.

Respected Bradenton criminal defense lawyer, Michael Fayard, Attorney at Law, can help you accomplish this goal. By carefully analyzing the details of your case, he will work diligently to find the right defense strategy for you so you can put this difficult experience behind you. 

When to Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bradenton

It can be difficult to know whether you need a criminal defense lawyer by your side after being arrested and charged with a crime. After all, you can always utilize a public defender, right? The truth is that not everyone qualifies for the public defender. Beyond that, some public defenders may not have the time, experience, or resources to give your case the care it deserves. 

They are often overloaded with case files, there resources are spread thin, and they may not be able to fully investigate your specific case for all available defenses. For this reason, working with a criminal defense lawyer may be the best option for your case, particularly if your freedom is on the line.

Any time you have been arrested for a crime, whether it be a misdemeanor, felony, or probation violation, you need to contact your criminal defense lawyer in Bradenton immediately to further discuss your case. You can also reach out to a criminal defense lawyer for other legal issues such as record sealing and expungement, arranging bail, and resolving warrants. 

Common Defense Strategies

The type of crime you have been charged with will determine which defensive strategy is going to be the right fit for you. For example, if you were charged with a sex crime, your lawyer will have to carefully examine the details of your case to determine whether arguing actual innocence, consent having been given, or another strategy is the best option. 

Or, if you were charged with drunk driving, we may argue that chemical testing was inaccurate, there was a lack of probable cause, or some other defense depending on the details of your case. 

It’s also possible that coming to a plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney may be in your best interest. This could help you to avoid a more serious penalty if there is mounting evidence against you or if the risk of going to trial is too great. 

Reach out to a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bradenton

If you are ready to pick up the pieces of your life and work on your defense, contact dedicated Bradenton criminal defense lawyer Michael Fayard, Attorney at Law. You can reach the office to schedule your no cost consultation by phone at 941-538-6888 or through the brief contact form that is included at the bottom of this page.